Nachhaltigkeit: Wir streben nach einer nachhaltigen Lebensweise, basierend auf der Ansicht, dass...


The common denominator of our vision is the collaborative effort we share in our community to create space for each individual to express his/her own spiritual and practical pathway together. Through a conscious ‘me’, taking its place, we can create a new cohesive group identity ‘we’. Thsi is how we create a space of silence and activity for all kinds of wisdoms.


We have no particular intellectual, political or theoretical beliefs of any kind. This variety of beliefs allows each to recognize, in their own way, a spiritual reality greater than their own.

All are leaders

We endeavour to recognize, appreciate and give support to our own and others skills. A flexible and lively exchange creates a natural way of allowing a connection with one another barring comparison and judgement. Each expression has meaning creating the greater whole. Aware of this we can channel and transform feelings of scarcity and unfulfilled needs into productiveness.

A culture of communication and relationship

We make a conscious decision to relate to one another properly, openly and from the heart. Respecting one another, being true to one another, being committed to one another and to be non violent to each other are our core agreements. We are aware that words the way they are expressed create forms and reality. As a consequence we have created a culture of consensus for decision making consisting of six steps. We prefer to listen than to exclude and leave content unchanged in the space when needed.


Give and take .They are in balance. Each person is responsible for him/herself and for the community.This requires a readiness for self-reflection. By respecting and honouring nature we are part of it. Our actions connect the old with the new.

Economic transformation

As far as possible we want to work together in solidarity – for the good of all. We see work as an expression of our deep inner sense, for and with each other. It is in working for each other that our social intercourse develops, in being together our strength and creativity unfolds. We therefore recognize the fundamental importance of social and artistic projects. We prefer to use money to encite enterprising ideas and life stimulating processes rather than reinforcing systems based on competition and measurement.