Dieser Workshop ist eine wunderbare Vorbereitung und Einstimmung auf das SINNPOSIUM, er steht aber auch alleine für sich als eigenständige und in sich abgeschlossene Veranstaltung, nicht nur für Bildunsginteressierte, für alle, die etwas über die Qualitäten von Berührung lernen möchten. Ein Teil der Arbeit fließt am Donnerstag in das SINNPOSIUM ein durch einen Workshop von Eli.
(Unterrichtssprache ist Englisch. Bei Bedarf Übersetzung)

Vulnerability and quality of contact in relationships
How we touch and are touched – by the quality of light in a day, seemingly endless stream of thought/emotions, and deep connective links with friends – intimately influences our availability and capacity to meet any given situation with the open fullness of our being. There is a natural and organic process of opening and growing our felt sense of life, so that we may hold that container for others. To step out side of our habitual needs enough to be able to perceive what another may require to relax into an environment and learn.Your invited to join this day of experiential practices focused on exploring and cultivating your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies.

In this workshop:

-Touch with more of your core intention while being aware of the results.

-Be vulnerable to the touch of others as a strength rather then a weakness.

-Grow your range of expression and perception.

-Clarify the disposition in your body allowing for greater awareness.

-Explore personal and interpersonal landscapes learning to navigate those terrains with fullness.

-Laugh, play, and step deeper into life.



 Eli Buren has been dedicated to the evolution of awareness since 1998, having studied with a wide spectrum of teachers, and served as a teaching assistant to David Deida from 2003-2008. With specific trainings in yogic embodiment, spiritual practices, meditation, somatic studies and how these disciplines can be lived in a down to earth manner.

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