Verbindender Hintergrund unserer Vision ist der gemeinschaftliche Einsatz für das Wir, um für...

Twenty people from diverse social backgrounds and with different religious beliefs spent three whole years working out a common vision – to share their life together in a community founded on the meaningful principles of ecological sustainability, social justice and a new human consciousness.

At the beginning of 2010 we decided that Tempelhof was the right property for the implementation of our vision. The project team expanded quickly to a community of 80 adults and 30 children. Tempelhof is where we can transform our vision into reality , an ecovillage where we can create a positive and sustainable future. Our community is supported by a solid framework through the following legal structure. The law is to serve the people! There will be no private ownership of land. The Tempelhof Trust is a non-profit making organization. The property has been acquired outright without any mortgages .The land and buildings are leased to the Tempelhof cooperative on a 99 year lease by the Trust. This structure precludes any possibility of land speculation.The cooperative is an appropriate legal form for the democratic management and ownership of enterprises for the community, because every member has equal voting rights independent of the amount of their deposit. Additionally an association (Tempelhof Incorporated Society) was formed to support charitable social projects and iniatives to support their activities.