Ökonomische Transformation

Wir wollen, soweit möglich, solidarisch wirtschaften – für die Menschen. Wir sehen Arbeit als...

From May to October 2010 in collaboration with the local rural council and the district authorities we developed a clarification statute for our village plus a supplementary statute. Our main concern was to create an additional zoning plan for mixed use for the main area to include housing and working facilities. After the formal agreement by the council, new zones of mixed use can now be created which may include housing areas, work areas and land for farming. This enables us to recreate a colourful and mixed village like in the old days. Furthermore we will now be able to add more floors to some buildings or fit in new buildings in the central area. We can also add to the stock of existing buildings as we have an additional 2 ha of building ground.

On 21 December 2010 the purchase of the small village of Tempelhof ,with its living and working conditions for 150-200 people , was notarially certified. The village is located in beautiful rural hills near Schwäbisch Hall, between Stuttgart and Nuremberg, well served by motorways and medium-sized cities. 31 ha of land, consisting of a 4 ha plot with numerous buildings and 27 hectares of agricultural land, provide space for community living as well as diverse opportunities for commercial businesses and creative projects to meet the vision of a sustainable lifestyle. There are several commercial kitchens on the premises, garages and large commercial spaces, a multipurpose room with a stage, well appointed flats and plenty of green countryside. The cultivation of our land aims to ensure a optimal of organic farming to feed our community. We also wish to improve the condition of our land according to established principles of soil health and to recycle and maintain natural cycles.