Beziehungs- und Kommunikationskultur

Wir entscheiden uns, wirklich in Beziehung zu gehen. Wir kommunizieren offen und aus dem Herzen...

Shared creation, shared experience, work with us on Tempelhof

Dear supporters of Tempelhof!

Our community is growing and flourishing. Working and living together on different projects, creating an economy for all, WIR (Scott Peck) process, social group meetings, women’s and men’s groups, groups for parents and a forum for children, personal development groups, celebrations, making music, disco, art events, all those events foster and demand our common social process. You are cordially invited to experience our community by becoming temporary helping guest. Through different projects, eating together, and many other situations the people of Tempelhof, our supporters and visitors meet – in this way Tempelhof becomes a ‘workshop for the future’.

Many completed projects at Tempelhof would have been impossible without the many Helping Guests. We are grateful for any active support of our vision. We are willing to give you as much insight into our community as possible. Intending to come as a helping guest you will find Information Helping Guests helpful.

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