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Income as defined by basic needs at Tempelhof

For 2012 we have 21 people at Tempelhof whose monthly income is either fully or partially covered by the Tempelhof community.

Tempelhof at this point in time has been in existence for one year – a very serious financial responsibility.

This financial responsibility is based on the commitment by the individual members of the community to transform the link of remuneration and monetary value.

The choice of the „Need Based Income“ at Tempelhof abbreviated to NBIAT has been a step towards our vision. Towards a spirit of agreement in our economic actions!

The idea behind the NBIAT is to cover the costs for participating in life at Tempelhof plus any outside costs occurring and to cover the cost of the a quality of life within reason -that is to say the basic needs. Moreover we do not want to assess achievement by giving it a price.

It is not the amount of working hours put in or the job with higher status which dictates the hight of the NBIAT. It is about the real costs your meaningful everyday life creates.

This is why members with children receive a bigger income than a single person as children require more money than an individual might need.

The appreciation of work and the support which everyone gives here at Tempelhof is rewarded by the increase in the quality of life enjoyed here in our village, rather than by payment.

The resulting incomes are somewhat lower than those paid in the current economy outside our community. In this way we can continue to stretch our resources to fulfil our aims and visions. We are then able to implement more social and cultural values to lead a life in abundance despite having less financial means. In other words, as our vision specifies, money should stimulate vital and life enhancing processes rather than to reinforce the system of assessment.